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Creating Gorgeous Home Decor

After I bought a home, I realized that I wanted the interior to be warm and beautiful, just like my parent's home was. However, I knew that since my budget was limited, it was going to be hard to create gorgeous wreaths and holiday decorations. Fortunately, I was determined, so I headed to the craft store. I picked up some sturdy wreath forms and a few items that I thought would make my home truly special. As I worked with my hands, I was amazed at how well my projects came along. This blog is here to help other crafters to know where to start, so that you can make your place beautiful too.

Creating Gorgeous Home Decor


Three Tips To Getting Top Dollar For Your Gold And Silver

If you collect precious metals, such as gold and silver, as an investment or as a hobby, eventually you may want to sell part of your collection. With so many places offering to buy gold and silver, getting the best offer can be tricky. Follow these simple tips to ensure that you get a fair price for your gold and silver so that you maximize your profit. 1. Know when a piece is more valuable in its present form

When Cowboy Meets Cowgirl: Western Wedding Gifts

A wedding between a couple who love the wild west can be fun. If you are going to be a guest at a western themed wedding, continue the theme by getting the happy couple a western themed gift. If you need some ideas of what to get a cowboy and a cowgirl when they are getting hitched, here are a few ideas. Matching cowboy boots You can't be a true Western couple without a good pair of cowboy boots.

How To Decorate Your Little Boy's Room With A Train Theme

Does your little boy have a love affair with anything that has to do with trains? If so, you'll definitely be his hero when you decorate his bedroom with a train theme. From posters to model trains, here are some ideas that will help you to design something unique and fun. The Floor - Carpet looks nice, and it's affordable. Another idea is to select concrete which you will faux paint to look like a landscape that includes railroad tracks that go through mountains, valleys, fields and towns.

Use A Paper Lantern, LED Lights, And Basic Supplies To Create A Decorative Centerpiece

Use a paper lantern, artificial flowers and foliage, LED lights, and some basic craft supplies to make a decorative centerpiece for your dining room table by completing the steps below. The centerpiece will give your dining area a festive appearance that can be enjoyed daily or during special dinner parties. Materials newspaper paper lantern light-colored paint bowls (to pour paint into) water artist's paintbrush foam brush glitter LED clip on lights foam  scissors craft glue artificial flowers and foliage Paint The Paper Lantern's Exterior