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After I bought a home, I realized that I wanted the interior to be warm and beautiful, just like my parent's home was. However, I knew that since my budget was limited, it was going to be hard to create gorgeous wreaths and holiday decorations. Fortunately, I was determined, so I headed to the craft store. I picked up some sturdy wreath forms and a few items that I thought would make my home truly special. As I worked with my hands, I was amazed at how well my projects came along. This blog is here to help other crafters to know where to start, so that you can make your place beautiful too.

Creating Gorgeous Home Decor

How To Decorate Your Little Boy's Room With A Train Theme

by Elisa Rodriguez

Does your little boy have a love affair with anything that has to do with trains? If so, you'll definitely be his hero when you decorate his bedroom with a train theme. From posters to model trains, here are some ideas that will help you to design something unique and fun.

The Floor - Carpet looks nice, and it's affordable. Another idea is to select concrete which you will faux paint to look like a landscape that includes railroad tracks that go through mountains, valleys, fields and towns. If you go with carpet, buy throw rugs that have trains as part of the design.

The Walls - Wallpaper with trains and railroad signs would be a great selection. If you'd rather paint the walls, then enhance them with a stencil of old-fashioned trains. A caboose stencil would be one good choice. A mural that depicts trains would be good, too. One to consider is a mural of the Rocky Mountain Railway Route. Reserve one wall for posters of trains and of famous railway stations like Antwerp Central Station, Grand Central Station, and Rossio Train Station.

The Decor - Have model trains everywhere! Build a model railroad track that goes all around the top of your son's room. Add an electric model train and wire the system so that it can be turned on the same way a light switch is turned on. He'll have such fun lying on his bed or playing in his room with that railroad train going around and around. Buy a train comforter for your son's bed and add great throw pillows with train related expressions on them. Create your own designs by purchasing plain colored pillows and then adding words like All Aboard, Choo Choo, and Whistle Stop.

A Major Display - If your son already has a lot of model trains, obviously he'll want a place to display them. Make it easy for him to play with them by building long, low shelves in his room. A wonderful idea is to buy collectible model trains. Because these are often more expensive than regular model trains, have a special display case where they won't become dusty. You can pick these up at stores like Ann's Hobby Center. Explain to your son that, while he can play with the model trains, he'll need to be extra careful with them. It would probably be a very good idea to tell you son that he should not bring those special model trains out when his buddies are over to play. 

Together with your son, make a list of  model trains that he would love to own. Those would make a great end-of-the-school-year gift. In addition, start buying them so you'll have a collection to give your son for Christmas.