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Creating Gorgeous Home Decor

When Cowboy Meets Cowgirl: Western Wedding Gifts

by Elisa Rodriguez

A wedding between a couple who love the wild west can be fun. If you are going to be a guest at a western themed wedding, continue the theme by getting the happy couple a western themed gift. If you need some ideas of what to get a cowboy and a cowgirl when they are getting hitched, here are a few ideas.

Matching cowboy boots

You can't be a true Western couple without a good pair of cowboy boots. As a wedding present, present the happy couple with a matching set of cowboy boots. The boots should represent a piece of each of their personalities. Do not be afraid to add a little flair to the boots with the help of spurs, sky or animal themed designs, plus a little bit of color. Consider presenting the couple with this gift during the rehearsal dinner so that they can enter their western wedding as a matching set.

Western-themed china

Every couple needs a set of good china that they keep from their wedding until the time they are old. Whether they save it for special ho-downs or eat on it nightly, a set of fine china is always a welcome gift. For your favorite western couple, consider china that has wildlife themes, such as horses or gold-lined plates that will remind the couple of the old days when the west experienced its mining boom.

Horseshoe ring set

All throughout the west and south, horseshoes have been known for good luck. Wish the good couple well by gifting them a horseshoe themed jewelry set. The jewelry can be a matching pinky ring or it can be a necklace set with an inscription of their initials and wedding day. For the couple who appreciates country western dress, they will get a lot of wear from horseshoe jewelry and maybe a little luck as well.

Cowhide photo album

One thing that every couple will need from their wedding is pictures. Purchase the couple a cow hide photo album as a place for their pictures and special memories. Cowhide is often used to make purses and is a soft, quality leather. Pick up a photo album with a western, rustic feel such as a clay dirt colored album or an album that is distressed to look many years old with wrinkles or tanned leather. Start off the album with some of the pictures that you have of the couple during their courtship to create a chronological album prior to the couple receiving the gift.

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