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Creating Gorgeous Home Decor

After I bought a home, I realized that I wanted the interior to be warm and beautiful, just like my parent's home was. However, I knew that since my budget was limited, it was going to be hard to create gorgeous wreaths and holiday decorations. Fortunately, I was determined, so I headed to the craft store. I picked up some sturdy wreath forms and a few items that I thought would make my home truly special. As I worked with my hands, I was amazed at how well my projects came along. This blog is here to help other crafters to know where to start, so that you can make your place beautiful too.

Creating Gorgeous Home Decor

Use A Paper Lantern, LED Lights, And Basic Supplies To Create A Decorative Centerpiece

by Elisa Rodriguez

Use a paper lantern, artificial flowers and foliage, LED lights, and some basic craft supplies to make a decorative centerpiece for your dining room table by completing the steps below. The centerpiece will give your dining area a festive appearance that can be enjoyed daily or during special dinner parties.


  • newspaper
  • paper lantern
  • light-colored paint
  • bowls (to pour paint into)
  • water
  • artist's paintbrush
  • foam brush
  • glitter
  • LED clip on lights
  • foam 
  • scissors
  • craft glue
  • artificial flowers and foliage

Paint The Paper Lantern's Exterior

Purchase a round or square-shaped lantern that has a flat top. Assemble the lantern by unfolding it and pressing each side outwards. Insert the metal frame that came with your purchase inside of the lantern so that it retains its shape. Turn the lantern over so that the wide opening if facing upwards and place it on a newspaper-covered surface.

Use a foam brush to cover the lantern's exterior with light-colored paint. Use an artist's brush to add fine details to the exterior with another color of paint. If you would like the centerpiece to have a shimmery appearance, sprinkle some glitter onto the wet paint. Wait for the paint to dry.

Add Foam Pieces And Lights

Cut some foam pieces to secure to the base of the centerpiece. Apply an even layer of glue to the bottom of each piece. Insert one piece at a time through the opening of the lantern and press the side that has glue on it firmly against the base of the centerpiece. Wait several minutes for the glue to dry. Attach a couple LED clip on lights, such as from Koontz Hardware, to the metal frame that is inside of the paper lantern. Many light styles are battery operated and have an on/off switch, making them convenient to use.

Create A Floral Arrangement

Select artificial flowers and foliage that will complement the colors of paint that were used to cover the lantern's exterior. Hold each flower or plant up straight and press the stems firmly into the foam pieces that are in the base of the centerpiece. Use scissors to trim the stems if any of the flowers or foliage pieces are longer than other ones.

Once the centerpiece is filled with an attractive arrangement, turn on the LED lights. Place the centerpiece in the middle of your dining room table. The lights will shine through the base of the centerpiece and provide a soft glow that can be enjoyed throughout meals that you serve in your home.