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Creating Gorgeous Home Decor

Simple Block Activities To Present During A Home-Based Childcare Program

by Elisa Rodriguez

If you will be opening a home-based childcare center, the addition of soft foam building blocks will support many child-friendly activities. Use the guidelines below to set up some enjoyable activities for toddlers and older children.

Foam Blocks

Foam blocks are lightweight. They can be used for floor activities and seated activities. Foam blocks are a product that is suited for children of all ages to use. Since you may interact with kids of varying ages, it is important to invest in a block product that you will get adequate use out of.

If you would like to incorporate some blocks into the design of the play area, shop for two sets of blocks. The set that contains small or medium-sized blocks can be used for 'hands-on' activities. The set that contains large blocks can be used for seated activities.

Large square or rectangular-shaped blocks can be used for the children to sit on. The blocks can be utilized while the children are seated around a table completing arts and crafts projects. They can also be used when the children are seated near you while you read them a story or lead them in another circle time activity.

Custom Creations

Blocks can be used to create custom towers and other structures. Plan an activity that will allow the children to test out their creative skills. Provide each child with a series of blocks that can be used to create unique towers and other structures. As the children are building their creations, provide them with encouragement.

Showcase the creations at the end of the activity. Take digital pictures of the creations. Prepare a wall display that features all of the structures that the children were responsible for building.

A Wall Competition

Medium-sized blocks can be used to construct a wall. The wall can be used during a fun team competition. After helping the children construct a block wall, divide the children up into two teams. Furnish each team with foam balls or lightweight rubber balls. Instruct the children to take turns attempting to knock down the wall. 

A Puppet Show

Large blocks can be used to create a makeshift stage. The stage can be used to perform a live puppet show. After helping the kids build a foam block stage, provide the children with craft materials that they can use to make puppets. Once they have finished, guide them in using the block stage during a puppet show.

For more information on big building blocks, contact a professional near you.