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Creating Gorgeous Home Decor

Use Heat Transfer Sheets To Add Printed Images To Flour Sack Towels

by Elisa Rodriguez

Use heat transfer sheets to transpose printed images to one or both sides of a series of flour sack towels. Your favorite recipes, pop art, or themed photography can be used to embellish towels that will be used or displayed within your home.

Purchase Towels And Prepare A Design

Purchase a pack of white flour sack towels. An inket or laser printer can be used to print lettering and designs onto heat transfer sheets. Images are thermally transferred to fabrics, by applying heat and pressure to a transfer sheet. Heat transfer printing requires the use of a heat press machine or a standard iron. 

Use a graphic design or a font design program to prepare a picture or lettering that will be added to each flour sack towel. If you want the background fabric field to be a vibrant color, purchase some fabric dye. Mix the dye with water and soak each towel in a bucket that is filled with the mixture.

After removing the towels, let them air dry. Consider how various ink colors will coordinate with the color of each towel. Use a bold font and dark lettering for towels that are deeply pigmented. If you will be adding a picture or a design to each flour sack towel, use ink colors that will stand out.

Remove Wrinkles And Perform The Transfer

The flour sacks may be slightly wrinkled if you chose to dip the fabric into a dye mixture and allowed them to air dry. Use an iron to remove wrinkles from both sides of each towel that contains wrinkles. Prepare a mirror image of each design that contains letters or numbers. This action can be performed with the use of a font design program.

By having access to a mirror image, words and numbers will be lined up from left to right, after an image has been transferred to a flour sack towel. A heat press or an iron should be warmed up, prior to applying pressure to the front or the back of a towel.

Use scissors to cut out each image. Pick which part of the fabric you would like to add a design to. If you have typed up a homemade recipe and printed it onto a heat transfer sheet, you may want to center the recipe. This will allow you to frame the towel or display it independently on a wall in your kitchen. After transferring images to a series of flour sack towels, remove the plastic backing from each image. 

To get started with this project, order flour sack towels from a supplier.